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IME / Workers’ Compensation

IME / Workers’ Compensation

Dr. Obermeyer has an extensive experience in treating patients with work-related injuries. Our goal is to return patients to full activities at the workplace, for recreation, and for day-to-day use. Dr. Obermeyer and his staff are familiar with the logistical requirements of managing work injuries, including communications with your employer, workers’ compensation insurance provider, attorney, and case manager. Dr. Obermeyer and his staff are also very familiar with the process of facilitating approvals and authorizations. By virtue of Dr. Obermeyer being an independent physician not employed or affiliated with an insurance provider, he is able to provide the best care to his injured patients, to expedite recovery and to optimize outcome.

Work injuries are serious events and can occur even with the best-intentioned employees. Falls, heavy lifting, repetitive movements, or automobile accidents while on the clock can occur to the shoulder, knee, or elbow. These injuries require a combination of compassion and a least-invasive approach with surgery used only as necessary to resume pre-injury status.

If your orthopedic injury occurred in the workplace, please contact your employer, and inform them of the injury. The injury requires documentation that will be important for your claim. Dr. Obermeyer’s office will require authorization from your employer before we can begin treating you. Please have your employer contact our Workers’ Compensation Department at (847) 285-4220 so we can schedule a consultation and initiate treatment.

To schedule an Independent Medical Evaluation or second opinion with Dr. Thomas Obermeyer and his staff, please contact the Barrington Orthopedic Specialists Workers’ Compensation Scheduling Team at (847) 285-4220 or by email, WorkCompEmail@barringtonortho.com. If you would like information on pricing for Independent Medical Evaluation, please contact Roxane Fanella at (847) 285-4381 or by email, rfanella@barringtonortho.com. If you require assistance with forwarding records or have questions about ongoing claims, please contact us at (847) 285-4220 or by email, WorkCompEmail@barringtonortho.com.

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