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Second Opinions

Take advantage of a second opinion

The phrase “knowledge is power” has been echoed throughout history, by many people in many contexts. It is particularly true when it comes to your health, and especially true when it comes to serious interventions such as shoulder or knee surgery. Seeking a second opinion by Dr. Obermeyer, an experienced and skilled surgeon, can bolster your knowledge about your orthopedic diagnosis. This opinion may allow you to make a better-informed decision, to improve understanding of the variables that predict your outcome, and to ensure you have accurate and comprehensive advice. Set up a consultation today and experience some of the additional benefits of a second opinion with Dr. Obermeyer:

  1. Confirm your diagnosis – Sometimes orthopedic shoulder and knee conditions are complex, with different diagnoses causing similar symptoms. Seeking a second opinion can confirm the accuracy of the initial diagnosis and ensure the treatment plan aligns with the underlying issue.
  2. Understand your options – Some patients are told there is only one type of surgery and one way to perform that given surgery. There are pros and cons of your options that may be available for a given problem. Understanding the upsides and downsides of treatment choices can allow you to make a better-informed decision.
  3. Nonsurgical alternative – Sometimes surgery is not the best answer. Understanding the limits of what primary or revision surgery can achieve, even when the surgery is done well, can empower you and in some cases avoid having a procedure that could leave you worse off.
  4. Specialist expertise – No two patients are alike, and the same goes for the surgeons available to you for your treatment. Different surgeons have different experiences and training and may approach the same problem differently. Dr. Obermeyer has extensive specialist training and experience, knows the latest research, and uses the most cutting-edge technologies.
  5. Peace of mind – Doubting your diagnosis or the skills of the first physician treating you can generate anxiety and stress. Dr. Obermeyer wants all his patients to be comfortable with their treatment choices, and seeking his opinion can give you the assurance you are making the best choice, promoting peace of mind.
  6. Improved patient-doctor relationship – Obtaining a second opinion does not necessarily reflect a lack of trust in your initial physician. On the contrary, it can foster a collaborative and transparent relationship built on information gathering.
  7. Customized treatment plan – There is a human size to medicine and surgery. Dr. Obermeyer understands there is more to consider for your treatment than just your orthopedic diagnosis. Medical comorbidities, your profession, ability to take time off, and family considerations, may take priority. Dr. Obermeyer will listen to your concerns and incorporate them into a customized treatment plan.
  8. Safeguarding your future health – The decision to have surgery is not based on what your symptoms will be a week or a month after surgery. Dr. Obermeyer helps his patients understand what their condition or surgery will cause months and years into the future. If there are long-term benefits of undergoing a procedure, Dr. Obermeyer will explain that, and help you understand the long-term costs of doing nothing. Safeguarding your future health may be worth getting a second opinion.

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Gain confidence in your treatment plan and empower yourself to make an informed decision that prioritizes your well-being. Seeking a second opinion is not about second-guessing; it’s about maximizing your understanding and options to ensure the best possible outcomes for your orthopedic health. Take the first step in getting Dr. Obermeyer’s opinion and gather copies of your records, MRI(s), and radiology reports and contact us.

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