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Mike’s Massive Rotator Cuff Tear Patient Story

Posted on: July 11th, 2024 by Our Team

Meeting shoulder surgeon Dr. Thomas Obermeyer

Dr. Obermeyer and I met at a fitness center, where we became friends. We worked out in the early mornings and would often strike up conversations related to workout plans. It came up in conversation that I was struggling with shoulder pain especially at night. After several weeks went by Dr. Obermeyer advised me to get an MRI on my shoulder to check on the tendon. The MRI showed extensive damage and Dr. Obermeyer recommended arthroscopic rotator cuff repair of my massive tear. He took great care in explaining the extent of the injury and presented options on how to proceed. He did seem concerned that with my highly active lifestyle this condition would get worse without surgery. We decided together that surgery was the best long-term solution. I am an avid weightlifter and fitness is part of my mental and physical health profile. I was very concerned about being able to regain full mobility and strength. Dr. Obermeyer was confident he could repair the damage and my healing process and recovery would be favorable considering my active lifestyle and strong will. Dr. Obermeyer’s confidence in my recovery and his ability to repair the damage was a constant source of encouragement.

Dr. Obermeyer’s approach to diagnosis and treatment recommendations

The diagnosis of a massive rotator cuff tear is a clinical one, and weakness was exhibited to testing of the arm. An MRI is used to confirm the size and extent of the tear which in this case was massive, involving three of the four rotator cuff tendons.  Treatment in active individuals desiring to regain full strength and function of the shoulder is arthroscopic rotator cuff repair and biceps tenodesis. This was performed via tiny incisions as an outpatient and was completed successfully.

Mike’s recovery journey

The outcome of the surgery was excellent! The procedure went seamlessly, and the recovery period of 6 weeks in a sling, although inhibiting and challenging for a single guy – was manageable following the detailed protocol Dr. Obermeyer set in action. He was available to answer my questions 24/7 when I had any concerns and was ALWAYS pleasant and positive. I quickly regained full mobility with a few months of physical therapy, and currently, after five months, I am able to bench press 135 pounds with no pain! I would recommend Dr. Obermeyer not only for his expert surgical skills but also for his genuine care for his patients.

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